Friday, June 21, 2024

Tips for Starting a Travel Blog

Travelling and learning about newer vistas, places, people, cultures and countries represent an irresistible, never ending platter for the soul. Travelling is serious business and this lies behind the creation of a special market niche, i.e. travel blogging. Audiences now like to be educated, conscious and abreast of travel hot spots in their radars by a trust advisor and herein lay the requirement for educational, illustrative and engaging travel sites.

Here are some possible indicators of this enormous, untapped online audience from the travel market you should know about —

  • Travel and tourism leads a staggering $6, 990.3 billion to the global market
  • Approximately $340 billion is gathered through online travel reservations globally
  • An overwhelming 30 percent of US adults use the World Wide Web to find travel related info
  • Adults browse a Few travel websites on an average, spending about 37 minutes on the same
  • Best travel sites get upwards of 100, 000 unique visits every month

This just goes to show the massive potential that a well-crafted travel site has in recent times. Why is some travel sites insanely successful in comparison with thousands of other competitions? The solution lies in sharp, quality web page content that creates traffic in massive numbers.

The content which you present your readers with can make or break your site. On this very note, given below are some of the most useful writing tips that can allow you to transform your trip blog to a one-stop hub for international audiences.

Keep it original

Many travelling bloggers resort to blatant copying from websites of opponents in the name of research or just for some much needed inspiration. Though this might help you make your digital content more appealing to your readers in the short term, this will cause damaging your website’s ranking, search engine traffic and other penalties later on. Since lots of travel attractions or activities you intend to see have already been written about several occasions, original (non-plagiarized) writing is the need of the hour here without any comparisons with other travel sites.

Whether it’s about a trip to the Eiffel Tower (Paris), time spent in the Sydney Opera House (Sydney) or actions indulged in at the Island of the Gods (Bali), you always need to be sure that your content has a new spin. It should smell fresh and crispy.

Provide Comprehensive Information

As the noted resort critic for the Guardian, Sally Shalam, puts it, travel writing is all about detail, detail, detail. Become high quality advisors and provide accurate and precise information on hotels, food joints, roads, destinations, recreational areas and so forth. Shalam feels it is all about painting a picture of the travel undertaken so as to allow readers to experience the exact same vividly.

The most successful write-ups are those which cultivate reader encounters through comprehensive info.

Insert Unique Angles

Creating or sticking to a market is often what makes a travel site really successful with particular audiences that are online. The Nomadic Matt travel blog, one of the best rated globally, serves as an apt example. Here, you’ll discover loads of advice, tips and friendly tips woven into just about all blogs and this mostly relates to travelling on a budget. You’ll find engaging, attractive angles spawned by this market here, i.e. spending just $30 per day for a fantastic vacation and other thoughts.

The trick is to think of a special angle that could steadily establish you as a professional without seeming repetitive or dull. You have to zero in on something you’re passionate about, including markets like backpacking, pets, books, style, food and other regions conjoined to your travel piece. This will help keep your readers coming back for more!


Travel pieces are intended to be shared with readers in an educational way. Because of this, compose your bit on the traces of an engaging first person account of a journey or expertise. Past tenses must be avoided unless really needed. Put in some interesting opinions, facts, personal observations and descriptions into each blog article that you write.

However, you should avoid sharing these private moments or stories that you believe will not necessarily add up to the attention of readers. By way of instance, tales about how you captured malaria or suffered food poisoning ought to be left out unless it’s logical relevance.

Start Off Effectively

Begin your blog article with something innovative rather than simply drawling on about your airport ride and other mundane details. You will need to think of a personal anecdote or even two liners that basically set the tone for the exciting trip ahead of time.

Hooking the reader’s attention and building up that feeling of delight in them is possible with an interesting start.

Establish Strong Purposes

Do not go beating about the bush in terms of the crucial purpose, mission, objectives or essentially the entire point of creating the trip in question. Establish these functions early on itself without confusing the reader. Including essential information like the specific location, why you chose to venture there and naturally, how you got there.

Skip Chronology

According To most writing specialists, chronology doesn’t do any good when composing a travel blog article. Indeed, writers must concentrate on creating a singular narrative dialogue that interlinks the whole piece consistently. But you should keep the best pieces for your viewers, namely the unique discoveries, new adventures, descriptions, anecdotes and other crucial details. Select, choose and eliminate to form the best possible travel narrative!

Do not Forget Subtle Illustrations

The Success of any travel site article is dependent upon how well it reveals (not informs) and depicts something worth seeing without endeavouring to instruct and clarify didactically! As stated by noted travel writer and author of One Man and his Bike, Mike Carter, fantastic travel writing should encourage readers to listen into something exciting and discuss unique discoveries in the manner of secrets. This is where engaging visual descriptions or subtle examples work like a charm!

Writing a travel blog is basically a labour of love and is expected to be a real reflection of your own passion and dedication to the craft. The above writing tips, once right, will certainly help you elevate your trip blog to a new level!