The health benefits of a standing desk in the office

The health benefits of a standing desk in the office

A standing desk can be used for work tasks and it’s also called a sit-stand (or stand-up desk) desk. It’s a high desk that allows users to stand up conveniently while working on their tasks. While at work, sitting too much on the spot can induce backache, loss of mental focus, and stress. Generally, office fatigue is one of the causes of low productivity. Orthopedic surgeons advise people who work for long hours to maintain good posture. So, it’s necessary to have furniture and workspace that promotes the health of workers. Also, a standing desk helps to minimize stress and the time spent on sitting positions during the working hours. These are some health benefits of using a standing desk in the office.

It Minimizes Back Ache

Without being dramatic, nearly 90% of workers that maintain sitting positions for long hours are sufferers of back pain. It might not happen with the early years of their career, but it’s something that can occur during their lifetimes. By including a standing desk workstation, you may avoid long-term backaches. However, upper back pain tends to affect the neck. There’s a need to reduce the level of strains that may result in upper back and neck pain. Also, you can enjoy your work day standing experience with this special desk.

May Improve Productivity

After having insufficient sleep time, getting focused at work might be an uphill task. Also, returning to your usual sitting position at the office can induce drowsiness. This condition of sluggishness might impact on the productivity of office employees negatively. When office workers use standing desks, there’s a low likelihood of work tasks errors that are induced by fatigue. So, the standing position may improve their productivity, mood, and energy.

It Aids Weight Loss

Do you know that spending some hours while working with a standing desk is like a race of marathon? Weight gain from physical inactivity may result in obesity. Apart from consuming more calories, not burning your stored fats can increase your risk of weight gain. Usually, sitting positions induce lower activity levels than standing positions. It’s even worse to consider the risk of metabolic diseases when people sit longer than necessary. However, standing for long hours is equivalent to some hours of a marathon race. Also, you could burn about 45 calories (per hour) with the use of a standing desk. These hours of maintaining standing postures instead of sitting, can induce weight loss and burn calories.

May Boost Life Expectancy

Carcinogenic cells are notorious for reducing life expectancy levels. Generally, the C-reactive protein is associated with conditions of gastric and endometrial cancers. Also, the risk of colon cancer is higher in people that lack enough physical activity. Your prolonged sitting position during work might increase the production of the C-reactive protein. However, other factors might trigger the production of the C-reactive protein. Researchers suggest the use of stand-up desks can boost the life expectancy of office workers by at least 2 years.

Enhance Better Posture

You should take a stand early in life to maintain a better posture, than increasing the risk of musculoskeletal pains in the future. With a sit-stand desk, an office worker can influence a positive lifestyle, and reduce eye strain. Apart from the physical benefit, it’s a smart option to reduce sedentary time. The sit-stand desk is a height-adjustable desk that aligns the computer screen with your eyes. While working with this piece of furniture, it hinders you from slouching or hunching over the keyboard. This workstation arrangement may enhance better posture, and improve your strength.

Ergonomics are Important

If you want to provide your workers with different choices, there are options like offering ergonomic office stools in place of low chairs. These can be used in conjunction with standing desks to raise everything up. This won’t suit everyone, but can be a welcome break from even one of the best quality office chairs, due to the height difference.

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