The Best Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas

The Best Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas

We love Halloween because it is the best time to try out some fancy makeup to elevate your costumes. We love Halloween as it is the best time to experiment with creative eye makeup that takes your costume to the next level. It is that one time of the year when you can pull off crazy, wild, and never-before-seen makeup looks with no one else blinking an eye. Depending on your preferences, you can be smart, cute, spooky, or completely gorgeous in a stunning Halloween costume, and tie it all together with just the right amount of makeup.

With these beautiful Halloween eye makeup ideas to follow, get out your liquid eyeliner, find the best lighting in the bedroom, and prepare to dress up your eyes in seriously scary looks. If you are looking to go with a scary, gruesome outfit, but you do not have the time or skills for all of this fancy-pants makeup, then the straightforward clown trick-or-treater or spider-eye Halloween eye makeup looks should do the trick, trust us.

However, if you are not especially skilled in doing makeup, the Halloween looks we picked for you are pretty simple to recreate. It might require more practice, but once you start enjoying the process, nothing will be able to stop you. With makeup-only costumes, you can be as wild as you want with makeup, and you can wear anything that feels right.

The Makeup-Only Costumes are easy to recreate using the coloured eyeshadows that you might already have in your collection, along with a little bit of pinkish or darker red lipstick, some golden highlighter, and facial jewellery that elevates the entire look. Easy but daring, the mask face paint gives you a lot of options for creating your Halloween look. Choose what colour you would like the mask to be from the Halloween easy eyeshadow palettes.

Halloween contact lensesPut the dots and join them together, creating impactful lines using your darker Halloween eyeshadow shades. Take a dark colour, like coal, preferably, and put it on the eye crease. Then take a glittery golden shade and spread that across the eyelids and under the crease. For example, choose a pale blue eyeshadow and draw circles around your eyes. If using a dry powdered eyeshadow for this look, first wet the brush to allow for a finer line through the eyes. Simply paint lines across the eyes using a fine brush, then link it up with the outer corners of the mouth.

Another great way is to start with a normal smokey eye and then work on it to create your very own masterpiece. Use black eyeliner to draw a cat’s nose, then dot the side of your face with whiskers using the same eyeliner. For this Halloween-themed, edgy eye look, get out a tub of water-resistant black eyeliner, then use a medium-sized makeup brush to draw it across the entirety of the eye area, forming a winged shape similar to that of a swan. Make sure you are surrounding the area around the eyes with black makeup so that you are creating a hollow look. For this Halloween Drama Eye Makeup, your eyes are acting like a spider’s body, and its legs are coming out from the edge of your eye line. If you have more time, then try putting on Halloween contact lenses that you might have bought for the coming party to transform yourself into the creature of your dreams.

Why leave your favourite fairytale characters behind when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. It might seem that they require an expert-level Halloween eye makeup, but the hardest part of that is just finding the right products for it. Being a newcomer in the whole Halloween makeup game, this is a great, simple way to get started. It is always better to start from a less complicated character. Don’t forget; it is extremely important to be comfortable in the look you are going for. Maybe just start with trying on some of the best coloured contact lenses in Canada to complement your hair colour and dress. Going for a simpler look like a cute little nurse can also be a great way to get into the game.

Makeup for men on Halloween is also a crucial component to complete the feel. If you do not want to put much time into preparing for Halloween, but you still want to achieve a good look, opt for a simple, classic skull face paint.

If you would rather take the approach that is more wearable, paint tiny fire pits on the outside edges of the eyes for some in-the-spirit action without giving up your own eye makeup shine. The effect will make your eyes seem larger than life, dramatic, and, yes, a little extra spooky.

Make your eyes in the middle of a flower, then paint all of the petals around the sockets with your Halloween makeup. Apply foundation and a little concealer under the eyes and around your eyelids.

Mix a white face paint makeup with foundation and use a makeup sponge to apply it to your face, neck, and ears. Make your skin appear paler by using white makeup face paint or a lightweight foundation. For the Bloodshot Eyes look, you may want to start off with white face paint or a white face powder, which really amplifies that look of death.

An easy zombie makeup look involves a layer of white paint covering your entire face and neck, with a layer of black eyeshadow surrounding your eyes. This multi-coloured makeup look is a show-stopper. This amazing makeup look has a unique blend of ominous drippy white colours alongside gorgeous floral details, and top it up with an ethereal grey-blue hair to finish things off.

All in all, the best part about Halloween eye makeup is that you don’t have to hold yourself back. You can go all crazy with mixing different shades to add your personal touch to your all-time favourite look. It is good not to be perfect sometimes.

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