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The Makings of A Hotel Restaurant

Your resort restaurants are among the main departments that can encourage your place’s overall earnings and popularity. This is the resort facility that all guests are expected to see (during their breakfast) and it is the one which can further encourage the guests’ pride — provided that your restaurants are developed nicely, you can then focus on giving the best dining experience possible.

Nevertheless, it is a simple fact that Hoteliers tend to create numerous mistakes, even prior to starting to develop or reestablish their restaurants! To be able to help you create the best restaurant to your property, our Hotel Specialists have made a study and present below a list of useful tips that will transform your restaurant to a ‘hot-spot’ for your resort:

1. Create a study about what the visitors of your hotel like (or anticipate ) to eat, focusing on what your area Offers

Before deciding the idea and the cuisine your hotel restaurant will offer, it’s always required to make comprehensive research concerning what the possible visitors of your resort would like (or anticipate) to consume during their stay. Evaluate the results with a variety of dining options offered in the wider area, and determine a competitive notion for your resort restaurant.

Example: If your hotel is situated in Rome, 1 thing is for certain: your guests may want to eat pizza! Nonetheless, this is something which is quite easy to be found everywhere in the city, at reduced rates. In order to upgrade your guests’ expertise, offer on your restaurant a unique kind of pizza, together with even your c-hef’s own secret recipes, that will trigger the travelers’ fascination and curiosity and make them want to remain inside your resort and attempt your restaurant’s exceptional cuisine. To take it one step further, maybe put the pizzas on metal display stands and get a delivery/takeaway service ready for them.

2. Give to your hotel restaurant a distinguished personality, compared to the overall design of your hotel

Select the ideal location within your hotel grounds and create a restaurant that’s welcoming and offers a complete and pleasant experience. Try to differentiate the hotel restaurant design from the rest of your hotel, in order to provide to your guests a fresh place to discover that will rejuvenate their experience and highlight a different aspect of your premises. This means that if you use wire furniture with an industrial feel for the main look of your hotel, do not use similar designs for your restaurant.

Example: When you have a beach hotel, try to set your restaurant so far as possible from your main building, in order to give to the travelers the feeling they completely change surroundings during their meals. Ensure the interior design of the restaurant showcases the many distinctive aspects of your destination — ideally, build a seafront restaurant, highlighting the beach experience.

3. Introduce the local cuisine and familiarize your guests with local food habits

Food (and, particularly great food), is very vital for maximizing your visitors’ staying encounter and gives a strong identity to your destination. The first thing your guests anticipate to try during their stay in your resort is the local cuisine and recipes. Ask your Chef to make a menu that will give to your guests at least a fundamental regional dining experience. Make sure that you offer you a neighborhood touch not just to your own a la carte menus however to your breakfast too. Avoid introducing other cuisines, unless you are sure that you have satisfied the neighborhood destination encounter first.

Example: If your resort is based in Hobart, then be certain to always incorporate a ‘Tasmanian corner’ in your breakfast buffet, offering traditional Hobart breakfast and lunch recipes & products. Also, include in your primary restaurant menu at least some popular Tasmanian recipes, like the famous Wasabi Cheese, homemade pies and more conventional and ‘freshly caught’ local items like the freshly shucked oysters, that has been a major favorite for decades. It may not seem attractive to you, but your guests will surely love it!

4. Avoid serving your breakfast in the same place where your guests have their lunch or dinner

Placement is among the most crucial factors that influence your guests’ experience. Breakfast is included in most of your hotel bookings and your guests expect to obtain the best! As the breakfast area is where almost all your guests will start their day, be sure to choose a spacious, naturally lit and agreeable location. However, as beautiful as the breakfast area might be, you ought to keep in mind that nobody likes to eat supper where they have had breakfast since they always prefer to live a different and one of a kind experience. So, build your principal restaurant at another spot, even if this would make it somewhat smaller. It’s always preferable to have a smaller and successful restaurant than a big empty dining hall without individuality.

Example: Your breakfast room has left just a little area of 50 sqm to use as your main hotel restaurant. Request your architect to design it in a completely different way than your other resort spaces, which makes it look more elegant and exclusive. If your breakfast area is bright and white, make your restaurant dark and atmospheric, perfect for romantic and intimate dinners! It is going to definitely be extremely successful to curious guests, who are going to want to live the exceptional experience it offers. For a great example of the contrast between the breakfast room and the main restaurant, take a look at this accommodation in Hobart Waterfront.

5. Construct an identity for your primary hotel restaurant, making it look like a very different project to the rest of your hotel

Building a separate brand identity in contrast to your hotel would make your restaurant stand out. This means that you have to do a separate website with the appropriate business IT support in addition to your existing hotel website. When seeing a new destination, travelers want to explore the surrounding area and its regional culture as far as possible. Making your hotel restaurant appear to be a genuine hot-spot in the town (even if it merely serves to welcome hotel guests), would make it more appealing and successful. Therefore, build another brand identity to your restaurant and make your visitors feel as though they are going someplace else for dinner, even if it’s merely by the swimming pool!

Example: Make a particular photo shoot and build an exceptional website for your restaurant. Begin a new, parallel promotion of your restaurant and then enforce both your restaurant as well as your overall hotel sales. Do not forget to use cloud computing services to help you to manage the website and contents.