5 Best Summer Makeup Looks

5 Best Summer Makeup Looks

Summer is the time of the year that most of us look forward to, as then we can do more outdoor activities with our family and friends and enjoy the beautiful sunshine again after such a long time. The warm weather makes us feel more energetic and happier, ready to go on all new adventures.

If you are a fashion lover, then without the right dress and proper makeup, you’ll not be able to enjoy the amazing weather fully. Here are some makeup looks that you can try this season to look gorgeous.

It does not matter whether your preferences are more simple makeup looks or elaborate ones; trying out a fresh summer makeup look can truly lift your mood and provide a boost of confidence. One of the biggest trends of this year, keeping your summer makeup looks monochromatic is an easy way to look polished, with no need for much effort in the morning.

MesmerEyez Halloween Contact LensesThe staple of summer skin is keeping things natural with a dash of glitter highlights on your cheeks and eye area. Easy summer eye makeup is all about subtle colours, glitter finishes, and playful glamorous looks that you can wear easily from day to night. The soft glam eyeshadow look is one of the easiest ones to do. If you want to step up your fashion game, you can check out the amazing collection of MesmerEyez coloured contact lenses. For an everyday look, you can go for black or brown contact lenses. If you are dressing up for Halloween, then going a bit extra can help you to make a fashion statement. You can check out the MesmerEyez Halloween contact lenses to recreate the makeup look from your favourite horror movie.

For cheeks, you can use a cream blush for subtle colour pop. Do not be afraid to opt for a heavier blush look since bold cheeks are all the rage this summer. Bright shades, as well as excessive blush, are among the hottest makeup trends of the season. You can wear a pinkish blush on your face, paired with nude lips, that will never go out of style.

When it comes to lips, it depends more on your personal style. If you are the kind of person who loves to play with colours, then summer is the right time for it. It is best to stick with the basic lip shades when you are dressing up for the office, but afterwards, you can go a bit extra with them as well.

Always keep in mind that it is important to decide right at the start whether you want your eyes to stand out more or any other feature. For instance, if you want your lips to be more noticeable, then keep the rest of the makeup soft and simple.

To create the perfect lips, first, it’s important to moisturise them properly. Then fill them in with the help of a lip crayon. You can either use lipstick or lip gloss directly on top of it to add more shine to it.

There is just so much that you can do when it comes to a summer look. Wearing bright-coloured tops and carrying purses that go well with them gives you an opportunity to experiment with your makeup as well. If you only have basic shades, then it’s the perfect time to go out for some makeup shopping to lift up your makeup game.

Whether it is luminous neons or pastels, adding some colour to your eyes lids is going to be the biggest summer makeup statement. Creating almond-shaped eyes can help to achieve a doll-like look. Pair toned-down eye makeup with bright lips, and you will get the 2022 summer makeup look.

Eyeshadow is the best way to bring colour into any look, and you can use two bright colours to look more stylish. If bold eyeshadow is not really your style, but you want to participate in the fun, go with colourful eyeliner on the lower lashes. It is very much in this season. Try adding a silver tone to your eye makeup to give it some added drama, and complete the look with winged eyeliner.

The simple act of swiping glitter highlights across the top of your eyes can make it quick for you to get in on the glittery eye-makeup trend popping up all over the place this summer. Dewy makeup looks are a perennial favourite in summer, resulting in fresh, healthy, glowing skin, as though you have just emerged from your midday swim.

Don’t forget that the summer heat makes makeup look cakey on your skin, so go light on the foundation with a subtle blush. A setting powder or spray can help hold makeup in place, even during the sweltering summer heat. Therefore, once you are happy with the makeup, use a makeup setting spray to help it last longer.