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Here, There, and Everywhere -Travel Victoria

When you think of Victoria, you may think of the MCG, the Great Ocean Road or any variety of our famous sights that tens of thousands flock to see every year. But how well do you really know our great state? We have brought you 18 ways to know you are a true Melbournian, now here is an opportunity to learn about some of the more obscure destinations and out-there actions which make Victoria amazing.

Tree surfing

Want to go out and hang 10, but do not want risk getting bitten by a shark or getting sand stuck in all the wrong places? Travel down to the Mornington Peninsula to test your chance at tree surfing may be right up your street. The thrill of going through 50 distinct obstacles across a five-tiered class will make you feel like Tarzan – and may make you want to bellow at the top of your lungs.

Bay Of Islands

This coastal park just past the famous 12 Apostles, located on the Great Ocean Road has stunning ocean views and lots of accessible beaches, which are often deserted.

Cliffs and rock piles dominate the bays, and gorgeous spring wildflowers are on display, and if you are daring, you can attempt to back your boat into the water through this steep boat ramp.

Tower Hill

While you are checking out Bay of Islands, visit Tower Hill. A violent volcanic eruption over 30,000 years ago created a funnel-shaped crater which was later filled by a lake, creeks, and islands and is now a stunning national park and home to over 200 kangaroos. Situated just past the 12 Apostles, this small crater-bound ecosystem is also home to koalas, emus, echidnas and water birds.

Tram Sessions

Get bored on public transportation and forgot your iPod?

No worries. Tram sessions run numerous free gigs on several trams around the city that will help you pass the time. It’s also a terrific way to discover some neighborhood un-earthed talent you might have never had the opportunity to experience while on your travels.

Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain in Victoria’s Murray Region is home to a gigantic monolith stone that’s reputed to be one-and-a-half times the size of Uluru. Don’t believe us? You can go see for yourself! It is a remote and rugged area, but it’ all part of the reason why that mountain attracts so many visitors.

Squeaky Beach

If you enjoy the feel of sand between your toes, then perhaps you also like the sound of it also. The rounded grains of quartz create a squeaking sound when you walk in the snowy, dry sand in Squeaky Beach. The rock formations in the north end of the shore create a maze of passages for investigating Wilsons Prom – that, if you are an animal lover, is among the best places in Australia to spot wombats from the wild. This truly is one of the hot locations of any Victorian traveller, wanting to experience something a little different to city life.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Much like the thermal spa centers you may see in Europe and America, the Hot Springs in Rye is the only natural thermal mineral springs bathing and day spa centers, in Australia. After the discovery of an abundant supply of naturally heated healing mineral waters 637m under Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, it has become the perfect location to go if you will need to get away and unwind.

Enjoy travelling around Victoria with these above hot spot destinations for your perfect getaway.

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